Goals for the week ahead

Last week’s goals:

  1. Work on SWMF for 30 minutes on 5/7 days. DONE
  2. Finish the current scene and move on to the next one. DONE
  3. Work on the YA novel for 20 minutes on 5/7 days. Hmm. Done on 4 days.
  4. Schedule no. 3, i.e. set a time slot for it. Done, sort of. I didn’t diarise it, or anything, but I have been doing it in the mornings before I sit down at my laptop.
  5. Spend 2 x 30 minutes on submissions. Spent 1 x 30 mins on this.

I’m still a little dazed at having so much time, even after spending more time on writing than I have in ages. The past nine months have been a slog, but this is one advantage – truly appreciating my time – that I wasn’t expecting to gain! Now I get to exercise and do fun stuff and cook delicious, (mostly) healthy food and hang out with lovely people…and spend more time on writing, while also earning money. And tomorrow is a bank holiday, which gives me even more time to do those lovely things.

Writing goals for this week:

  1. Work on SWMF for 30 minutes on 5/7 days.
  2. Work on the YA novel for 30 mins on 5/7 days.
  3. Start editing the YA novel. I’m going to experiment with using this set of blog posts as a guide, so hopefully I won’t feel too lost when it’s time to pitch in, the way I did a few weeks ago.
  4. Figure out a writing plan for June. I would like to take a little time off work (and I think I deserve it). But I need to figure out how and when to do this. Which leads me to…
  5. Spend 15 minutes a day working on admin and finances.
  6. Enter a competition or submit some writing. I’m expecting to hear about a couple of submissions in the next couple of weeks – which means it’s important to throw some other exciting stuff in the mix in order to keep things interesting.

And now I am going for a run to a pub. Happy writing!

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