Catch-up: Two stories and a novel

It’s been quiet around these parts. Not because I haven’t been writing (I have), or because I haven’t had news to share (I have). I’ve just not been feeling like sharing, due to a combination of industriousness and anxiety.

So a couple of quick pieces of news: my story, This Time, was published last week in May You, the Walter Swan Prize Anthology from Valley Press. It’s a gorgeous-looking book, of which there are only 30 hard copies left; I believe an e-book version is planned for later in the year.

I also have a piece of flash fiction on this shortlist from Retreat West, which is exciting and lovely, and I am looking forward to the announcement of the results on Thursday!

Aside from this, as I resolved in December 2016, I have been focusing on getting a novel ready for submission to agents. Not the novel I planned on submitting (that one has been bottom-drawered, probably for good). The other one, of which I’ve finally found the courage to finish multiple drafts. Thanks in no small part to the lovely folk at Writers’ HQ, whose Plotstormers II course helped me hold my nose long enough to get through draft 1.5 and beyond.

So this novel will be going to beta-readers in about a month, and I’m looking forward to writing something new, quite frankly!