The Knife Drawer

A drabble (a story in one hundred words), because apparently I can’t get current events out of my head.

The Knife Drawer

I did not forgive you. I did not forgive you for the hard lines you left among us; the divisions and the separations.

I did not forgive you for stealing my sons on the border between home and hell.

I did not forgive you for the edict forbidding my cousins from flying to help me.

You drew the knife between us all. You scattered us this way and that, chopping until enough of us were cut away from your world. You left my sons in the desert without water, with only soldiers to succour them.

I will not forgive you.

(Copyright: Elizabeth Ottosson)

(I’ve never actually posted any of my writing up here before. It’s possible I may chicken out and take it down soon.)