A weekend update

I’m going to change the timings of these check-ins, because to me it makes more sense to be thinking about what I want to achieve for the next week on a Sunday, just as I do with the rest of my life.

This past week has been lovely. I’ve had a fair amount of work on, but without the crushing workload I’ve been living with for the past nine months. So I’ve been able to spend significant wodges of time on writing, not to mention other things that make me happy and/or are good for me. And I REALLY appreciate this extra time, in a way I probably didn’t before.

My goals for the upcoming week:

  1. Work on SWMF for 30 minutes on 5/7 days.
  2. Finish the current scene and move on to the next one.
  3. Work on the YA novel for 20 minutes on 5/7 days.
  4. Schedule no. 3, i.e. set a time slot for it. It’s been easy to fit in SWMF because it’s on the computer and I’m more or less in the habit of working on that before I do anything else when I sit down at my desk. The YA novel is harder because it’s currently a pile of paper under my coffee table, which is where I sit when I’m trying to relax. Hmm. Maybe it would help to do it at my desk.
  5. Spend 2 x 30 minutes on submissions.

Feel free to chime in with your own goals below!

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