Friday update

*shuffles feet* I have been slacking off on checking in here, partly because the good news I posted about on Wednesday has blown my mind and partly because, well, work stress. Plus other things, both lovely and awful, that have overloaded my brain.

OTOH, I have been writing, albeit it at what feels like snail’s pace. My goals last time I posted were:

  1. Work on SWMF on 6/7 days.
  2. Finish another two scenes.
  3. Spend 20 minutes a day rereading the YA novel and taking notes.
  4. Find something to enter/a place to submit something.

I’ve been inching forward with SWMF, and the same (to a lesser extent) with the YA novel. I’ve not been so good about submitting my work, which is ridiculous given that so far for the year I have a 50% success rate. So I would like to enter/submit more stuff. Unfortunately, at the moment it’s hard to see beyond the fog of work obscuring the next month.

But I’ve dealt with this before, and I know it’s about carving out little shards of time in which to work. So I’m going to set some goals for the coming week, even though I’m unsure about my ability to achieve them.

  1. Work on SWMF on 5/7 days.
  2. Finish one scene and start on the next.
  3. Spend 20 minutes a day rereading the YA novel and taking notes – on 4/7 days.
  4. Look for/work on submissions on 3/7 days.

I’ll finish with a picture of my ex-flatmate’s lovely cat, Toto, my writing partner and snuggle buddy for three years until I moved out of London last year. He was put to sleep last week after an inoperable tumour was found in his stomach. RIP, lovely boy; I miss your wonky face, insistent miaow, paw pats and funny little habits.

Toto reclining face on

2 thoughts on “Friday update

  1. Firstly, massive congratulations on being shortlisted for David Oluwale Writing Prize! Evidence that all your goal-setting really works.

    In theory, I have been trying to look for gainful employment or work experience on the way to gainful employment. Actually, in the last week I have entered the Bath Novel Award, the Daily Mail First Novel Competition (I know but I sent it in starting the novel a chapter later so it’s like market testing – just without any statistical validity), a 750 work competition on Writers’ Online and have started playing on Twitter with things like #LondonLitLab.

    This week I might try the Bath Short Story award or TSS. Or find a really interesting, well-paid job I can do during school hours and whilst sitting at home. Simples.

    Good luck with your plans!

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    1. All of that is brilliant – well done, you! I shall go and have a look at londonlitlab on twitter. And ooh, I’m interested to know how you felt about losing that first chapter, and whether it comes to anything.

      And thanks for the congratulations. 🙂


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