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We interrupt this (rather slow lately) stream of check-ins to bring you some happy news: my short story, Touch, is going to be published in an anthology reflecting on the story of David Oluwale, a Nigerian migrant who was found dead in Leeds in 1969 following years of police brutality that directly led to his death.

This is my first fiction publication, so I’m very happy. 🙂 I’m also delighted that this particular anthology is going to include my work. Homelessness has been on my mind a lot recently, and social justice issues are always close to my heart. As well as callous and cruel treatment at the hands of the police, David Oluwale faced racism, homelessness and mental health problems that were exacerbated by failures in systems that should have been protecting him. These failures are still present today – just look at the #BlackLivesMatter movement and, closer to home, the recent death of Sarah Reed.

My story has also been shortlisted for the prose award associated with the anthology, which is a lovely bonus. And just look at the names of those judges! I am slightly dazzled at the idea of these people reading my work.

For more information about the David Oluwale Writing Prize and the Remember Oluwale Foundation, go here. I’ll be back on Friday for an update on how the rest of my writing is going!

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