Friday update

Here are last week’s goals:

  1. Work on SWMF on 5/7 days. No…done on two days.
  2. Finish one scene and start on the next. Still working on the same scene, but inching along with it.
  3. Spend 20 minutes a day rereading the YA novel and taking notes – on 4/7 days. Done on two days.
  4. Look for/work on submissions on 3/7 days. Done on two days (thanks, Marianne!).

I’m starting to feel as if I’m slipping beneath the waters, and every area of my life is suffering from my workload at the moment. But good things are still happening, and in three weeks’ time I will get my life back again. So, good things:

  • My short story is still on a shortlist for an award (judging is next week, as is my birthday…).
  • I have a book launch to go to. As in, an actual book featuring my writing. At a launch. With other writers.
  • The latest draft of SWMF is over 14,000 words long. A couple of months ago it was stuck at 6,000. How did that happen? Oh, yeah, in ten-minute bursts and spare moments.
  • I have so many ideas for making the YA novel better, and this time through I’m actually writing them down.
  • I just found a note I’d written about something that happens two books down the line in the YA story, and ooh, I SO want to write that!
  • Three weeks. I can do this.

OK, so next week’s goals. They’re lower again, because this week really hasn’t been fun, and also because I have guests this weekend, but still they’re hopefully enough to keep me pushing forward with things.

  1. Work on SWMF on 3/7 days.
  2. Finish the current scene and move onto the next one.
  3. Spend 20 minutes on rereading the YA novel and taking notes – on 3/7 days.
  4. Work on submissions on 2/7 days.


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