Weekly goals update

So these were last week’s goals:

  1. Finish the current draft of the YA novel. DONE.
  2. Work on SWMF on seven days. DONE
  3. Write/finish a synopsis for SWMF. DONE
  4. Enter a writing competition of some kind. Not done – but I am getting together a submission for SWMF, which is what I have been working on every day. Should be done over the weekend.

I’m pretty pleased with that lot. 🙂 Especially finishing the draft, as it’s draft 3 and I feel like I finally have enough of the story in place for the rest to be editing rather than rewriting. Which is so much more fun. Drafting is like walking across a tightrope and being unable to see the other end – you just have to trust that you’re doing the right thing and keep going, despite feeling sick and dizzy with uncertainty and fear.

Editing, for me, feels like finishing a sculpture: the essential shape is there, and you are chipping away pieces (some tiny, some large) so that the form gradually emerges in all its beauty.

Not that I’ve ever walked a tightrope or created a sculpture. But I do have an extremely active imagination.

Onto this week’s goals:

  1. Submit SWMF to the thing. I don’t want to clarify what the thing is because I will jinx it (not that I have a hope of getting anywhere with it, but still, I am determined to try).
  2. Work on SWMF on seven days.
  3. Print out the YA novel ready for reading next weekend.

Onward. Wishing everyone else the best with their goals! Feel free to comment below if you want some accountability. 🙂


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