Weekly update

OK, rather than keep posting constant “OMG I wrote 200 words!” updates, I thought I’d keep it to one post. 🙂 So, my goal for the week was to work on both the YA novel and the DLN for three sessions of ten minutes each. And the result…

I did it! Three sessions each, starting on Sunday. It’s both interesting and frustrating: I’ve made a little progress, but not much. Even so, as I said last week, it’s more than I’d probably have managed otherwise. And another big benefit is that both books are fresh in my mind, so I don’t spend ages trying to get back inside the heads of my characters.

Goals for next week:

I’m still floundering in lesson planning, so am going to increase this very gradually:

  1. As with last week, work on the YA novel and the DLN for at least three ten-minute sessions each – six days out of seven.
  2. On one of those six days, do two ten-minute sessions.

If anyone reading this wants to post their own writing goals for the week, please feel free!

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