Weekly round-up

Very quick round-up this week. Last week’s goals:

1. Do at least two ten-minute sessions on three days. DONE – actually I did three ten-minute sessions on four days at least.

2. Work on the YA novel and the DLN for at least four ten-minute sessions each. DONE

3. Post wrap-up on the 8×8 challenge. DONE

This week’s goals:

1. I’m stripping this back to basics: do seven ten-minute sessions. Why? Because I feel like my stress levels are reaching breaking point, my workload is as high as (or higher than) ever and I’m honestly not sure how I’m going to get through the upcoming week. If I can manage to find ten minutes a day for writing, it’ll be a job well done.

If you’re reading this and want to comment and let me know your own goals, please do so!

2 thoughts on “Weekly round-up

  1. Well done, you have met all your targets!

    I did not manage to set any proper goals this week and so didn’t really get very much done!

    Next week, I am going to try and;
    1) record 2 chapters a day and listen to them for clunk/repetition/typos and
    2) think about character ‘call-signs’ and dialogue to try and make them more distinguishable
    Actually, realistically that’s probably going to take two weeks since I have a number of days booked out for other things. But!

    Don’t get too frazzled, sometimes letting things mull over at the back of mind can be useful too…


    1. Thank you! I’ve just figured out how much work I need to get done per day, and am feeling a tiny bit less frazzled.

      It sounds like you are so near the pointy end of your editing process, which is brilliant. Recording and listening to two chapters a day sounds like quite a lot, but fabulous if you can manage it. Hmm, maybe I should try and relate my goals more to specific achievements on a piece of writing, rather than just “write for x minutes”.


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